What do Expert Reviewers do?

  • Receive custom notifications for available 10-min surgical video clips of procedures from your specialty

  • Choose what video clips to assess 

  • Follow clear validated assessment prompts to objectively rate the surgical procedure step

  • Write or dictate constructive, actionable feedback 

  • Qualify as a top-performing Expert for requested tele-mentoring sessions with surgeons on the platform

Dr. Thomas Lendvay, MD Urology, C-SATS Co-founder & Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Thomas Lendvay, MD

Urology, C-SATS Co-founder & Chief Medical Officer


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why join our Expert reviewers?

  • Conveniently earn free CME credits

  • Receive compensation for video reviews and one-hour tele-mentoring sessions with individual surgeons

  • Perform reviews across devices, anytime, anywhere

  • Get C-SATS Expert Certification (coming soon)

  • Be in good company in a panel of world-class surgeons




Who qualifies as a C-SATS expert?

Our Experts are experienced board certified surgeons who:

  • Commit to excellence in their craft, continuous improvement in technical skills, and quality of care

  • Review 10-min surgical videos clips weekly

  • Have an active NPI#, license, and board certification

  • Meet minimum required case volume in their specialty

  • Submit 3 or more case videos for C-SATS assessment 

  • Earn a C-SATS score in the top quartile





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