Get Started

1.  Go to to start the application process.


2.  Fill in the required fields:

  • tell us about your case history
  • confirm you can provide qualitative feedback
  • click Next - Upload CV



3.  Upload your CV/Resume

  • either Drag your CV/Resume onto the screen
    click the arrow to select the file from your computer
  • then click Save & Next Step.

4.  Video Upload (2 full-length, unedited procedures)

  • If you have videos ready to upload, you can do so by either dragging the files into the box or clicking within the box to select the files from your computer. 

    NOTE: If your videos are too large to upload, C-SATS can send you a flash drive with a prepaid FedEx envelope. Please email us if you would like to take advantage of this.
  • fill in the required fields. 
  • click Finish Application at the bottom of the page.

5.  Stay on the page until the videos have uploaded.