Objective Structured Assessment of Technical Skills (OSATS)

OSATS is a validated assessment tool for grading overall technical proficiency for open surgery.  Below are the performance anchors and rating scale for the OSATS tool. Each scale is scored 1 - 5, which means the total score could range from 4 - 20.


Respect for Tissue 

1 - Frequently used unnecessary force on tissue or caused damage by inappropriate use of instruments

3 - Careful handling of tissue but occasionally caused inadvertent damage

5 - Consistently handled tissue appropriately with minimal damage


Time and Motion

1 - Many unnecessary moves

3 - Efficient time/motion but some unnecessary moves

5 - Economy of movement and maximum efficiency


Instrument Handling 

1 - Repeatedly makes tentative or awkward moves with instruments

3 - Competent use of instruments although occasionally appeared stiff or awkward

5 - Fluid moves with instruments and no awkwardness


Flow of Operation and Forward Planning 

1 - Frequently stopped operating or needed to discuss next move

3 - Demonstrated ability for forward planning with steady progression of operative procedure

5 - Obviously planned course of operation with effortless flow from one move to the next



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