Introducing Strong Medicine

I am happy to introduce C-SATS’ first thought leadership gallery — “Strong Medicine— How Society Can Ensure the Best Healthcare Practitioners.”

As you’ll see in the posts to follow, we’re focusing on surgeons, and how to improve their performance on behalf of patients.

To help explore that question, we’ve asked surgical experts from around the world to contribute their views.

Their near-unanimous opinion is that new technology—like C-SATS’ video solution—can help train, teach and coach surgeons on a continuous basis as long as the feedback is objective and well informed.

The experts disagree, however, on when, where and how the digital tools can be most helpful.

There’s also an interesting series of suggestions about how the current evaluative technology can be enhanced and enriched.

In the end, our 20 experts join together in the belief that surgeons must feel a passion for self-improvement.

And, finally, woven throughout this publication is a constant refrain—today’s healthcare model has to change from an emphasis on production to an emphasis on quality if the cutting-edge assessment solutions we’re developing are going to make a measurable di erence for patients.

I hope you find this content stimulating and helpful as you manage your career in healthcare.

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss this publication, please get in touch with me. I’m eager to chat.




Derek Streat is the Co-founder and CEO of C-SATS, Inc.