Additional Services


Video upload


C-SATS provides enterprise clients with secure, robust and reliable synchronization of media from the hospital to our HIPAA-secure cloud storage.  We connect with C-SATS' or your hospital’s own media capture devices, minimizing the time and effort required to upload videos. 

Video Capture

C-SATS offers a simple and fully-integrated hardware solution to record animate surgery. Your team can record and sync video with the click of button.

Video Processing

We’ll break your video down into specific procedure steps that provide the best appraisal of surgical skill.  When you receive your video back from us, each step will appear as a separate video clip with its own, comprehensive appraisal report and recommendations for improvement.  We’ll also ensure all personally-identifiable information is hidden, and we can often improve poor quality recordings.

Survey Design

For some domains, structured assessment tools may not already exist.  Or perhaps you would like to add your own questions to an existing tool.  We assist you with the creation of objective metrics and evaluation questions that allow reviewers to effectively assess performance. We'll help you develop your own structured assessment tools and design evaluation studies that have the required rigor to validate them.