C-SYNC Instructions

C-SYNC  provides  enterprise clients with a secure, robust, and reliable synchronization of media from their hospital to C-SATS' HIPAA-secure cloud storage. Please contact us for technical specifications and requirements. 

Items you will need to get started

  • Your external/flash hard drive with USB cord
  • Computer to access your C-SATS account
  • Internet access for your computer

1)  Plug the USB cord from your external drive into the front of C-SYNC. Wait for 5 seconds and then unlock the USB drive by entering your passcode. 



2)  Sign In to your C-SATS account through your computer. 


3)  Click on the C-SYNC tab located at the top of the page.


4)  Select the videos you wish to send to C-SATS and click Send to C-SATS & Tag (Note - it may take up to 30 seconds for C-SYNC to read all the files on your drive).





5)  Leave the Padlock Drive plugged into C-SYNC until the banner at the top of the screen turns from RED to GREEN.


6) Tagging the videos.

  • While the videos are transferring, complete the required fields. You can find some of this information on the folder name or by referencing your EMR.
  • Let us know if there is another surgeon or trainee in the video. 
  • Click Finished to complete the process. 

7)   The GREEN banner indicates the files have been transferred to C-SYNC.  At this point you can press the Eject button on the Padlock Drive, unplug the Padlock Drive, and close your computer.