Expert Case Study Videos

Uploading a case study

1.  Log in to your account.


2.  Click Profile under Skills Evaluation.


  • NOTE : If C-SATS is already assessing either you or your group, you can find your expert profile page by selecting Expert Workspace from the drop down menu on the top left of the page and then Profile



3.  Click Add a Case Study button.




4.  Uploading a Video

  • You can upload your videos by dragging the file into the box or clicking within the box to select the file from your directory. 


  • Stay on the page until you see the green checkmark and then click Continue to Case Study button. 



5.  Completing your Case Study

  • Provide some basic information about your case study.
  • Once complete, click Publish Case Study button. 






Editing a case study

1.  Log in to your account. 


2.  Click Profile under Skills Evaluation.



3.  Click View your Case Studies.




4.  Click on the expert case study video you wish to edit. 



5.  Edit the information on your expert case study video and click Publish a case study button.