C-SATS, part of the Johnson & Johnson Institute, is proud to join like-minded health care professionals at the IHI National Forum for the opportunity to play a part in effecting real change in healthcare quality and safety.

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C-SATS Innovation Theater | Empowering Surgeons to Be Their Best

Mark Jarrett, MD, CPPS, Senior Vice President and Chief Quality Officer, Northwell Health; Associate Chief Medical Officer, Northwell Health; Professor of Medicine, Donald and Barbara Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell.

Technology today allows for surgeons to watch and evaluate their own cases, and get objective advice from experts within days, while the operation is still fresh in their mind. The aim is to help surgeons continuously get better at what they do, without taking time away from their practice. This case study will look at how health systems are using quantitative and qualitative feedback to help their surgeons improve.

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Derek Streat Vice President, Performance & Quality Improvement

Derek Streat
Vice President, Performance & Quality Improvement

Sean O’Connor Senior Director, Sales

Sean O’Connor
Senior Director, Sales

Institutions have the responsibility to ensure that their surgeons demonstrate technical competency before allowing them to perform surgery. C-SATS is the only system I know of that can provide me with accurate, unbiased and objective data on a surgeon’s technical skill, allowing me to make more informed decisions about my staff.
— Dr. James Porter, Swedish Medical Center