The C-SATS improvement platform provides personalized tools to help you achieve your goals.

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C-SATS automatically recommends other surgeons’ videos for you to review based upon the results of your own video appraisals.  Videos are provided for domains offering opportunity for improvement, and are listed at the bottom of your reports.

Expert Case Studies

Some of the most accomplished surgeons in the world participate in C-SATS.

  • Watch their essential and instructive cases

  • Includes commentary and illustration

  • Pre-recorded so you can learn from them at your leisure

Check out Providence Health's Dr. James Porter discuss his Robotic Partial Nephrectomy case study.


C-SATS telementoring provides direct, one-on-one, virtual access to some of the best surgeons in the world.

  • You can select the surgeon(s) with whom you would like to schedule a virtual session and a time from their list of available dates.

  • C-SATS sends a report of your results via a secure email link to you and your telementor for review prior to your session. You receive an email invitation with call-in details and a link to join online.

  • C-SATS telementoring is web-based, so you can use any web browser and do not need to download any software.

Simulation Curriculum

C-SATS and Mimic Technologies have teamed up to bring targeted simulation curriculum to robotic surgeons that aim to continuously improve their skills.

  • Expert reviewers score your performance using validated assessment tools

  • Covers specific domains, such as bimanual dexterity, efficiency and robotic control.

  • Receive personalized recommendations for level-appropriate exercises developed by Mimic Technologies for use on da Vinci surgical robot trainers.


C-SATS Academy - a library of high scoring videos and expert case studies.