Patient Safety and Quality

Institutions have the responsibility to ensure that their surgeons demonstrate technical competency before allowing them to perform surgery. C-SATS is the only system I know of that can provide me with accurate, unbiased and objective data on a surgeon’s technical skill, allowing me to make more informed decisions about my staff.”
— Dr. James Porter, Swedish Medical Center

Technical skills matter.  A team led by Dr. Birkmeyer of the Michigan Bariatric Surgery Collaborative found a 2x difference in the technical skills of 20 random bariatric surgeons that correlated with a 2 - 3x difference in patient complications, readmissions, operative time and mortality.  (New England Journal of Medicine, October 2013) 


C-SATS helps healthcare organizations improve quality by ensuring practitioners use great technique and adhere to proper protocols.  C-SATS is:

  • An alternative to relying solely on subjective metrics like case volume
  • Unbiased, anonymous review of practitioners’ actual cases, including procedure-based feedback
  • Practitioner skills scores anonymously compared across hospitals
  • Longitudinal reporting of skills improvement and the tools to help surgeons get there
  • Cost-effective training and education with the opportunity to reduce costly on-site proctoring

All video and other data submitted to C-SATS is protected with the highest data security and privacy standards.  C-SATS ensures removal of all identifiable information, both the patients’ and the practitioners’, before reviewers see them. By making C-SATS a part of your institution’s quality improvement and patient safety program the information may be afforded peer review protection in a court of law.