Facilitating the Safe Diffusion of Surgical Innovations

Annals of Surgery

This article highlights novel strategies that may assist surgeons and hospitals in addressing the challenges associated with incorporating emerging procedures and technology with safe patient care. Peer coaching by experienced surgeons has been proposed to assist with safe surgical skill acquisition in practice. Hospital credentialing committees may better utilize expert surgeons as proctors for less-experienced surgeons who apply for privileges to perform new procedures. Furthermore, opportunities exist in leveraging industry's financial incentives with surgeons’ drive for clinical advancements. The strategies described in this article offer ways to ensure procedural competency to benefit and protect patients when surgical innovations enter practice.

Pradarelli, Jason C. MD, MS*,†; Havens, Joaquim M. MD*,†; Smink, Douglas S. MD, MPH*,†

Annals of Surgery: April 2019 - Volume 269 - Issue 4 - p 610–611

JAMA Surgery

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Journal of Endourology

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Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

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