Setup a Group 

Navigate to and enter in the manager or administrator's email and click Get Started


Select A group of people.


Decide if the group owner should be assessed as part of the group. 


Enter an email for each group member and click Add group members.


Enter the names and specialties for each group member and click Save.


Customize a message to your group and click Next.


Choose the frequency of your assessments and click Next.


Choose a surgical method for your group and click Next


Review the options and click Select this assessment tool.


Either add a custom question to your assessment tool or click Skip custom question


If you have videos ready to upload, you can do so by either clicking/dragging the files over or clicking within the box to select the files from your directory.  

If you do not have videos to upload, click Continue on the bottom of the page. 


While the video is uploading, add the video's details...

  • Fill in the required fields highlighted with the red asterisk.

  • Let us know if there is another surgeon or trainee in the video.

  • If there are specific portions of the video you would like assessed, please provide timestamps in the Any additional information field.

  • Click Finished to after tagging each video.


After all the videos are tagged with the appropriate information, click Continue near the bottom of the page. 


Provide a name for your group.


Complete the process by clicking Launch assessment