Video Recording & Transfer Process


Set up

Set up involves powering up the da Vinci robot, powering up the recording device, and adjusting the video settings in order to reduce the file size and save time during the Download & Transfer step.  This process is handled by the individual who powers up the robot - typically a clinical engineer, robotic coordinator, or biomed.

  • Power up the recording device
  • Load the surgeon's name from the drop down menu
  • Adjust the video file size to "MPEG 2"


Implementing a process to record all robotic cases is the easiest way to capture the videos for the participating surgeons.  Since the recording device is already powered on, the only thing required is to press record and ensure the entire case is captured. For details on how to record the case using different recording device, please view our guide.  Including this step on the circulating nurse's checklist will ensure all robotic cases are recorded. 


Download & Transfer

The next step involves downloading the files from the recorder and transferring them to C-SYNC We recommend that the clinical engineer, robotic coordinator, or biomed completes this task twice per week.

  • Use a secure, external drive to download the files (3 - 5 minutes per video)
    • Tip - ensuring the files are formatted to "MPEG 2" (see step #1) will reduce the time it takes to download the videos. 
  • Plug the external drive into C-SYNC
  • Log in to your C-SATS account
  • Select and tag the video files (about 1 minute per file)