C-SATS is a performance management system for healthcare professionals to assess and improve as individuals and teams continuously, accurately and objectively.


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C-SATS is used in areas such as...

Surgery, Pathology, Nursing, Device Usage, Homecare, Psychology, and Simulation

Our customers say it best...


Results in days; a fraction of the time of traditional peer review.


Highly accurate performance scores equivalent to gold standards.



Unbiased, statistically-valid results from multiple extra-institutional reviewers.


Significant savings compared to peer-only review.



Reviewers available 24/7 to assess practitioners' existing cases and work product.


...the whole exercise was an outstanding, confidential self-assessment tool that will help me improve my technique so that I can offer better care to my patients.”
— James Greenberg, MD, Chief Division of Gynecology, Brigham & Women's Hospital, Associate Professor, Harvard