How It Works

C-SATS is an online service for skills improvement via intraoperative video review.  


Step 1


A surgeon’s case is video recorded and securely transmitted to C-SATS for assessment by expert and prequalified reviewers. No personally identifiable information of the patient or surgeon is shared.

Step 2


Specific steps within the case are then analyzed using scoring tools designed and approved by the medical community. Multiple experts and other pre-qualified reviewers provide both quantitative and qualitative feedback.

Step 3


A surgeon then reviews their personal, confidential case report where specific recommendations are offered for performance improvement. Additionally, the surgeon has access to a host of educational opportunities.


  • You choose which cases to upload to our secure, HIPAA-compliant service so you can receive anonymous, unbiased recommendations for improvement.

  • C-SATS works with your institution to train your OR personnel to handle all the processing of videos so there is no impact on your day-to-day operations.

  • No identifiable information about either you or your patients is shared.

Learn more about video capture and upload.

Learning Health Care System

C-SATS marries technological speed with personalized insights to help surgeons reduce outcomes variation through objective surgical analysis and individualized coaching. Using a unique combination of data, as well as analytics and human insights, the C-SATS platform provides crucial feedback to help surgeons improve surgical skill and technique. This serves as the foundation for an emerging artificial intelligence capability focused on building a learning health care system.

Validated Tools

C-SATS’ panel of qualified reviewers analyze your videos using validated assessment tools like the Global Evaluative Assessment of Robotics Skills (GEARS) tool for robotic surgery procedures.

Very interesting. [C-SATS’ outcomes data] suggests that pattern evaluation capabilities of unbiased observers ([who] don’t know the procedure but recognize grace in surgical motion) may have more value than a deep knowledge of the procedure.”
— Mika N. Sinanan, MD, PhD, President of University of Washington Physicians, Professor of Surgery

sample reports

Data and insights are presented to you on your private web page. Results include quantitative scores, qualitative feedback and actionable recommendations for improvement.  If you are a manager, you’ll also receive a dashboard of your team results.  

C-SATS then provides you with a suite of improvement tools to build upon your performance:

  • recommended videos

  • expert case studies

  • real-time telementoring